• Build, manage, and control all aspects of your property web sites with our easy to use management interface.
  • Each listing has its own custom web site address to use in your email blasts and other marketing initiatives.
  • Signup free 24x7, and have your listing web site up in 15 minutes. Pay nothing until you're ready to go to market.

Confidentiality Agreements

  • Save time and let your ListingLab web site manage and record confidentiality agreements.
  • Use an online version that visitors can electronically sign, or a hard-copy to print, sign, and fax.
  • Configure system to auto-approve electronic agreements or choose to manually approve contacts.


  • Customize your property web site using one of 20+ template options (and more choices coming soon).
  • Add your own text and photos; build photo tours online.
  • Post your flyer for public download, require registration for more sensitive materials.
  • Automatically includes contact information and vCards for the listing brokers.
  • Let contacts download your offering memorandum without needing to call.
  • Automatic due diligence builder for small and large file libraries.

Security & Reporting

  • Provide reporting back to the owner of who has registered, signed CA's and a list of files they have downloaded.
  • Contact visit history is available via Excel spreadsheets.
  • Select if you'd like visitors to register before accessing any pages on the site (registration would be on the home page) or,
  • Select if registration is only required for a certain section of the site (e.g. the offering memorandum or due diligence pages)